WheeMe is a palm-size robot which gently massages and caresses as it moves slowly across your body.  Embodying a unique tilt sensor technology, WheeMe automatically steers itself quietly over your body without falling off.


Founded in 1993, Logicom is a French distribution company specializing in consumer electronics.  For nearly twenty years, Logicom has been uncovering the technologies of tomorrow.

Logicom markets innovative communication equipment, providing telecoms operators, companies and individuals with voice, data and video communication solutions.  Supplier to telecoms operator, France Telecom, since 1998 and exclusive distributor of the LG Ericsson brand of VoIP telephones on the French market, Logicom is a benchmark in the telecommunications industry.  Since 2008, the company has manufactured and distributed Mappy GPS devices in Europe.  Logicom has always placed innovation at the heart of its strategy by diversifying its lines of business.

This year, under the Logicom Robotics brand, Logicom is therefore launching the SPY-C Tank, a revolutionary robot, the WheeMe, a massage robot and Tosy, a dancing robot.  Alongside these, Logicom offers a range of interactive tablets for all the family.


Logicom operates in several areas:

  • Telecoms: Logicom DECT and LG Ericsson VoIP telephones
  • Navigation: Mappy GPS, Logicom breathalysers
  • Music and Videos: D-JIX portable DVD players and media players, D-JIX iPhone docking stations, Vivitek data projectors
  • Tablets: Logicom Interactive tablets for all the family
  • Robots: Logicom Robotics SPY-C Tank, WheeMe massage robots, Tosy dancing robots
  • Health and well-being: Tripollar cellulite and anti-aging treatments


Logicom emphasizes the range and diversity of its products through strong partnerships with leading outlets such as Boulanger, Darty, Auchan, Carrefour, Leclerc and others.

Today, Logicom has more than 4,000 points of sale in large supermarkets, specialist outlets, with operators and online.


WheeMe, the first massage robot programmed
to help you relax

 WheeMe, an intelligent robot offering home massages


• Thanks to its infra-red sensors and accelerometer, the WheeMe steers itself automatically over your body without falling off.  And it's quiet too!

• Its four small wheels, vibrations and nylon "fingerettes" massage and caress your body leaving you sumptuously relaxed.

• And if you feel the robot is focusing too much on the center of your back and not reaching the extremities, you can switch to the "large area" mode to get the best out of your massage.  To switch back to the center, turn to "small area" mode.

• Retrieving the WheeMe couldn't be easier thanks to an extremely intelligent function: rest on your elbows and the robot climbs gently back onto your shoulder so that you can calmly pick it up and switch it off.

The WheeMe stops automatically after 15 minutes.


Combat stress more effectively for a sense of inner well-being

 With the WheeMe, you will be able to manage stress and anxiety in the best possible way.  In fact, this autonomous intelligent robot stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system* by gently touching, vibrating and caressing the body.  These movements eliminate the damage caused by stress.  They also stimulate the nerve endings below the surface of the skin and increase the release of endorphines (oxytocin) which aids relaxation.

* The parasympathetic nerves are responsible for conserving and restoring the body's energy after a sympathetic response to stress.


WheeMe - new sensations for absolute relaxation

• The WheeMe offers three massage modes to meet your preferences (firm massage, gentle massage and caressing massage).

• Firm (vibration) massage: the WheeMe vibrate and moves. The effect is astonishing and quite simply gripping! • Gentle massage: the robot's wheels spin in opposite directions, perfectly calculated to produce a light rolling massage.

The WheeMe changes position at regular intervals without ever straying to fall off your back.

• Caressing massage (rotating nylon fingerettes): The WheeMe has a rotating disc composed of two curved, semi-rigid nylon fingerettes which produce small caressing movements on your back. It then moves lightly across your body administering a gentle massge with its wheels.

Technical specification

• Dimensions: 128mm x 96mm x 80mm

• Weight: 330 grams (including batteries)

• Speed: 4.5 cm/sec

• Power supply: Three AA (1.5V) batteries, not included

• Materials: Silicone and nylon

• Guarantee: One year


Wheeme at Berlin's IFA :

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